Strongly involved in the musics of the world, Naiad develops new artists of the traditional scene, and known artists internationally.

The presented musics quite arise from oral traditions and have a strong traditional anchoring.

Authentic musics at the source of various cultures of the world (Brittany, Ireland, Turkey...)

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Concerts du Mois

Artiste Date Lieux Heure Ville
Kreiz Breizh Akademi #7 07/07/19 Festival Kann Al Loar 19:00 Landerneau (29) infos
Kreiz Breizh Akademi #7 07/07/19 Festival Kann Al Loar 20:00 Landerneau (29) infos
Altan 11/07/19 Parc du Presbytère 21:00 Saint-Avé (56) infos
McDonnell Trio (Prix Charles Cros) 12/07/19 Le port 21:30 Villesèquelande (11) infos
McDonnell Trio (Prix Charles Cros) 13/07/19 Café Plùm 20:00 Lautrec (81) infos
Altan 17/07/19 Festival des musiques du mondes MoZ'aïque 2019 19:00 Le Havre (76) infos
Erik Marchand (Bretagne) 23/07/19 Place de la Résistance 20:30 Quimper (29) infos
Kreiz Breizh Akademi #7 24/07/19 Festival de Cornouaille 20:00 Quimper (29) infos
Doolin' 26/07/19 Dayton Celtic Festival 18:00 Dayton (Ohio, USA) infos


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