Erik Marchand & Rodolphe Burger


Erik Marchand & Rodolphe Burger


Erik Marchand & Rodolphe Burger


Erik Marchand & Rodolphe Burger


Erik Marchand & Rodolphe Burger


Erik Marchand et Rodolphe Burger (2021)

Glück Auf!

Album Before Bach

Glück Auf! Before Bach

Before Bach (2004)

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At the origin of the BEFORE BACH project are Erik Marchand and Rodolphe Burger who share a taste for the unusual and the singular.

The first is a master of traditional Breton singing and has a passion for Balkan music. The second is a guitarist and singer of atmospheric blues rock, a stage director, founder of the group Kat Onoma and the label Dernière Bande.

In search of unusual sounds and arrangements, they launched the BEFORE BACH project in 2004, which is nothing less than a bet on the universality of traditional music beyond the barriers of language. A collaboration that opens a door to a genre apart, halfway between two worlds. At the end, an album of the same name reinforced with a rhythm section, found a space of understanding, a common territory of expression between the modal music that Erik Marchand has been ploughing for years and the blues rock spirit from which Rodolphe Burger leads his own extrapolations.

In 2019, here they are again, going back down to the mine, digging deeper and deeper and extracting a new repertoire. Each time, their exchanges underline the kinship between blues and Breton songs, boosted by the energy of a rock rhythm.

A creation of Naïade Productions / Compagnie Rodolphe Burger.


In the press

Listen again to Laurent Goumarre's show, Côté Club on France Inter from September 22, 2021


"At the crossroads of the Worlds. Dormant since 2004, the Alsatian and the Breton take up the thread of their musical journey between Celtic and Eastern Europe, even Asian and Oriental. An original mixture enhanced by the accents of the oud of Medhi Haddab "


"When a new album associating Rodolphe Burger and Erik Marchand is released, and it is entitled Glück Auf! it is difficult to remain indifferent as this mixture of tradition and modernity, this bridge between Brittany and Alsace, echoes the sensitivity of yours truly."


"An alchemist goldsmith, Burger knows better than anyone how to fuse musical cultures, federate ancient and modern sounds by systematically bringing them another dimension."


"An invitation to get out of our box, to overcome our fears and to get closer to what surrounds us."


"Rodolphe Burger's deep voice echoes the flights of Erik Marchand, and here we are between heaven and earth, in a multilingual world... It is a masterly album, unusual, a must in any library."


"A mixed musical journey where we escape from the first seconds."


"Totally multicolored and surprising but always human and full of musicality, warmth and intelligence [...] a UFO "


"Glück Auf! is a mixed album, a unique blend of Breton, French, English and Turkish songs, atmospheric rock-blues and cosmopolitan music."


"This new opus with a rock and blues sound dares to marry songs from the past in Breton, French, English and Turkish, with current music. Sounds spiced up by the French-Algerian oud player Mehdi Haddab, the gadoulka violinist (Bulgarian bowed string instrument) Pauline Willerval and Rodolphe Burger's renowned musicians and friends: Julien Perraudeau (keyboards, bass) and Arnaud Dieterlen (drums)."



  • Erik Marchand : vocal
  • Rodolphe Burger : electric guitar and vocal
  • Mehdi Haddab : electric oud
  • Arnaud Dieterlen : batterie
  • Julien Perraudeau : bass
  • Pauline Willerval : gadulka and vocal
  • Christophe Olivier : lighting design
  • Léo Spiritof : sound creation

Stage references

Théâtre National de Bretagne, Rennes (FR) – Festival Transmusicales, Rennes (FR) – Festival Panoramas, Morlaix (FR) – Le Quartz Scène Nationale, Brest (FR) – Festival des Vieilles Charrues, Carhaix (FR) – Théâtre de Cornouaille, Quimper (FR) –La Filature, Mulhouse (FR) – Festival Celtiwelch, Fréland (FR) – Festival Le Run ar Puns, Châteaulin (FR) – Festival Tempo Rives, Angers (FR) – Festival Couleurs du Monde, à Langonnet (FR) – La Roche Jagu, Ploezal (FR) – Festival du Bout du Monde, Crozon (FR) – SN La Passerelle, Saint-Brieuc (FR) – Paul B, Massy (FR) – La  Bouche d’air / salle Paul Fort, Nantes (FR) – Le Sémaphore, Trebeurden (FR) – Le Petit Echo de la Mode (FR), Châtelaudren – L’Échonova, Saint-Avé (FR) –  Les Transversales, Verdun (FR) – Le Dôme, Saint Avé (FR) – Espace Roudour, Saint-Martin-des-Champs (FR) – La Cabaret Sauvage, Paris (FR) – L’Agora, Boulazac (FR) – L’Antichambre, Mordelles (FR) – La Batterie, Guyancourt (FR)…


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