Annie Ebrel

On tour 24/25

Annie Ebrel

On tour 24/25

Annie Ebrel

On tour 24/25


Annie Ebrel

Lellig (Arfolk 2021)

Annie Ebrel

Avaz (2014)

Annie Ebrel

Teir (2012)

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« Annie Ebrel was born into a family where Breton is spoken naturally, and where attending Festoù-Noz and other festivals is part of everyday life. She began singing at an early age. What a pleasure it is to meet up again with the great Breton voice who has worked in cinema, music and theater. All her exciting adventures have gone hand in hand with her Breton roots. Following on from her album Lellig, nicknamed after the Breton poetess Anjela Duval (1905-1981), Annie Ebrel offers us a sunny tour de chant, bathed in skin-deep poetry. What a delight ! » Anne Millour, Le Quartz Scène Nationale de Brest (29)

Following in the footsteps of her elders Yann-Fañch Kemener and Erik Marchand, Annie Ebrel is one of the greatest voices in Breton song. Having learned the Breton language and traditional singing at a very young age in the family circle, she is striking for her immediately recognisable tone and her knowledge of the popular language.

Annie Ebrel has collaborated with many musicians, from a capella singing in solo, duo or trio, to her own musical creation (Dibenn, Annie Ebrel Quartet, Le Chant des Soupirs), to jazz and jazz-rock (Riccardo Del Fra, Jacques Pellen Celtic Procession, One Shot). In her new album Lellig, she explores the texts of the poetess Anjela Duval, in a neo-folk setting, carried by Ronan Pellen, Daravan Souvanna and Clément Dallot. This new creation is a moment of grace where the music serves the words, sublimating them into illustrations understood by all.

Album Lellig (Arfolk Label 2021)

Co-producters : Amzer Nevez, Ploemeur (56), Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Lorien (56), Ploërmel Communauté (56) , le Nouveau Pavillon, Bouguenais (44).


In the press

"Beauty of tone and expression: she knows how to be a singer and a storyteller at the same time, so much so that the language barrier is no longer a barrier."


"She is one of the great voices of a revival of traditional Breton song."

Hélène Hazéra / France Culture

"Inheriting the land of Brittany and its culture, a way of life, that of the farmers and their values, and a tradition of singing, Annie Ebrel is rich in this multiple heritage. In this new creation, she weaves the chronicle of a Breton childhood and the transmission of this heritage. Le Chant des soupirs - "ar c'hanaouennoù c'ha d'or huanadennoù" (songs become sighs) - is an intimate diary, told and sung by one of the most beautiful voices in Brittany."

Théâtre de la ville - Paris

"Step by step, through her broad and poetic song, Annie Ebrel has dug a free and deep furrow, which renders null and void the boundaries of the learned and the popular, the local and the universal."

Benjamin Minimum

"For this magnificent album, Annie Ebrel took on a real challenge, that of picking a few nuggets from the gold mine that is Anjela Duval's work. Poetry written in free verse and therefore not easy to set to music. Annie Ebrel and her three musicians have accomplished this enormous task. Here she sublimates the immense work of this humble peasant woman from Costa Rica. A real success."

Le Peuple Breton


Michel Toutous - Armen


  • Annie Ebrel : Singing
  • Ronan Pellen : strings and cello
  • Daravan Souvanna : electric bass
  • Clément Dallot : keyboards and piano

Stage references

Festival NoBorder, Le Mac Orlan, Brest (29) – Centre Culturel L’Athéna, Ergué-Gabéric (29 – Théâtre du Pays de Morlaix (29) – Opéra de Rennes (35) – Théâtre de Lorient (56) – Quartz, Brest (29) – Théâtre de Cornouaille Scène nationale de Quimper (29)  – Le Quartz [Scène nationale de Brest], Brest (29) – Théâtre de la Ville Paris (75) – Studio  de l’Ermitage, Paris (75), Atlantique Jazz festival, Brest (29) – Théâtre National de Bretagne, Rennes (35)…


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