New creation "Dinaskañ"


New creation "Dinaskañ"


New creation "Dinaskañ"


New creation "Dinaskañ"




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Strings that sublimate the voices, powerful and delicate, that sing the stories of our time. EBEN is part of the Breton singing tradition and offers an original and contemporary musical accompaniment.

The sextet combines the talents of singers Sterenn Diridollou, Marine Lavigne and Sterenn Le Guillou, guitarist Antoine Lahay, bassist Julien Stévenin and violinist Jonathan Dour.

The group’s aim is to draw on their traditional heritage, rhythms, melodies and this rich language to offer the public an innovative, warm and modern journey.

The theme of otherness, of these “others” that we hear too little, fed the creation of the first album, illustrated in different ways.

The theme of otherness, those “others” that are not heard enough, fed the creation of the first album, illustrated in different ways by Marine, the group’s author. The very name of the group EBEN is directly inspired by this work, as it means the Other in the feminine.

Today, it is the theme of emancipation that they wish to tackle. With DINASKAÑ (emancipation, untrammelling) the group questions established norms, questions the past and challenges prejudices. DINASKAÑ, an anagram of DISKANAÑ (the answer of the song, to disenchant) comes as a response to the multiple injunctions to be in the world in a certain way. Thus, from the rebellious factory worker to the misjudged witch, from the mischievous dancer to the dreamy traveller, the songs dialogue with each other, weaving links between past and present. The ancestral art of Breton song intermingles with the creative energy of the sextet, inviting the audience to embark on a journey between melancholy and revolt, tears of joy and bursts of hope.

Broadcasting Naïade Productions

Co-producers: Amzer Nevez, Ploëmeur (56) and other partnerships in progress (contact us)


In the press

« An elegant album, fresh, powerful but delicate like the strings that accompany the vocals. And if I add that Eben has been invited to perform at the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow, the biggest Scottish festival, what greater proof of the talent of this nice sextet »

Philippe Cousin - 5 PLANETES

« These young musicians have countless ideas. Rarely have classical gavotte and plinn themes been punctuated with such subtle strings. A new look at Breton culture. »

Christophe Ganne - LE TREGOR

« What adds to the originality of the sound is the writing of new texts, born from the pen of the singer Marine Lavigne who poses her glance of young woman on the popular repertory. ... the energy of a youth which appropriates the tradition cheerfully while respecting the references. »

Michel Toutous - ARMEN


  • Marine LAVIGNE : Vocal
  • Sterenn LE GUILLOU : Vocal
  • Sterenn Diridoullou : Vocal
  • Jonathan DOUR : Alto
  • Julien STEVENIN : Doublebass
  • Antoine LAHAY : Electric guitar / acoustic guitar

Stage references

Festival Eurofonik, Nantes (44) – Fête de la Bretagne, Paris (75) – Les Concerts d’Eté du Daviaud, Barre des Monts (85) – Festival de Tatihou, Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue (50) – Amzer Nevez, Ploëmeur (56) – Festival Yaouank, Rennes(35) – Palais des congrès, Nantes (44) – Le Grand Théâtre, Lorient (56) –  Le Pannonica, Nantes (44) – Festival Folk, Ettlingen (Allemagne)…


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