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Thanks to the inspiration and talent of its members, Doolin’ is currently one of the most innovative bands of the Irish music scene.

Doolin’, formed in Toulouse in 2005, comprises six accomplished and eclectic musicians who have gained fame through their music. French in origin – though easily mistaken for Irish musicians – this sextet (guitar, bodhrán, violin, tin whistle, accordion/vocals, bass) brings a fresh approach to Irish music. Inspired by the purest tradition, Doolin’ combines instrumentals, vocals and original compositions in a resolutely modern style. The arrangements, at times taking their inspiration from pop-rock, folk, jazz, funk or even rap (and always in the best taste), emit great energy.

That’s Doolin’ – Irish music with a French touch!

Doolin’ is an Irish music group whose name derives from the little village of musical fame in south-west Ireland. Born in 2005 from an encounter between six accomplished musicians, from its inception Doolin’ have perfected a mixture of novel musical genres. Whilst some of the band were immersed in the world of traditional Irish music, and others were active in the jazz scene or in the pop rock wave of the eighties and nineties, they found a common love in traditional Irish music. From ballads to furiously fast jigs, from their own compositions to traditional tunes, Doolin’ offers a rich palette of sound. From the intimate atmosphere of an Irish pub to the spectacle of the concert stage, this sextet has been support act to major names such as Altan, Kevin Burke, Martin Hayes and Mairtín O’Connor. Members of Doolin’ have played with Carlos Nuñez and Dan Ar Braz and the major Irish flute player Desi Wilkinson (De Dannan, Cran) have rejoined the group for a tour in 2006. Habitués of prestigious venues where they seduce the audience by their unassailable energy, this French group plays homage to Irish music throughout France and Europe.

Following on from their success on stage, Doolin’ took to the studio to record the albums: Popcorn Behaviour (2006, distributed by Keltia Musique); Angels are Free (2008); Doolin’ Live au Central Park (2010); Exile (2011) and Live in Lorient (2013, distributed by Coop Breizh).

In 2011 the band was invited to support the international Celtic Legends show during its French tour. Doolin’ is at the origin of the cinema concert Man of Aran, Robert Flaherty’s masterpiece which recounts the life of a fisherman’s family on one of the magnificent Aran lslands. The music, permeated by the Doolin’ style, brilliantly accompanies the film. Doolin’ played at the Waterford 2001 Tall Ships Festival, together with Dervish, Sharon Shannon, The Waterboys… Ireland has produced a great number of exceptionally talented groups – Dervish, Altan, Lúnasa, to name but two – and bands have also formed throughout the world to celebrate Irish music Doolin’ forms an integral part of this movement of renewal and is one of its most promising protagonists.


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Doolin' in Video :

Last Albums

on Tour 2019

New Album 2020

à paraître > voir Article Ouest-France


Compass Records/Autre Distribution (2016)

Line Up :

Nicolas Besse - guitar

Wilfried Besse - vocals, accordion

Niall Murphy - fiddle 

Jacob Fournel - tin & low whistles, séraphone

Josselin Fournel - bodhrán

Sébastien Saunié - basse


The press speaks about it. :

Received an interesting new cd from Compass Records and was pleased to see them taking the chance to release new music. This one is a gem, but I knew that it would be as soon as I saw that it was produced by John Doyle, the boy is a wizard at the production. He also plays on the recording as a guest artist, as do Alison Brown, Michael McGoldrick and a host of other fine artists. I’m afraid I’m putting the cart before the horse here, since I haven’t mentioned the band, they’re called Doolin’, as is their cdDon and they’re from France. A finer gift hasn’t come from France since the Statue of Liberty was delivered. They sing in English and in French and sing beautifully I should add. Their musicianship is nothing to sneer at as well, strong guitar and wicked whistle compliment unique fiddle, bass and accordion. Love the blend and spent the first couple of listens with the extensive liner notes in my hand for quick reference. Superb recording quality to top it all off, thanks to Compass’ expert crew, makes this one memorable recording that has impressed everyone that has heard it so far. Now to get these guys touring in this area.

John Baker
Irish American News

Scenic references :

— U.S. Summer tour 2018 : Dublin Festival (Dublin - Ohio) / Irish Fair of Minnesota (St-Paul - Minnesota) / Milwaukee Irish Fest ( Wisconin) / Kansas City Festival (Missouri) / Pittsburg Irish Festival (Pennsylvania)

— International tours : Tall Ships Festival (Waterford, Irleand), Whelan’s (Dublin), Das Da Theater (Germany), Fêtes de Genève, Tempo Color (Belgium), Leeds Irish Festival (England), Nueche Folk (Asturies, Spain), Santa Tecla Festival (Taragona, Spain), Matt Molloy’s (Westport, Ireland)…

— French tours : Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Le Cabaret Sauvage (Paris 19ème), Le Bikini (Toulouse), Les Roches Celtiques, La semaine du Golfe du Morbihan, Celt’Istres, Festival irlandais d’Auberives, Jazz à Montauban…

— Tour with Irish dance international company Celtic Legends (2011).

— Participation in the film soundtrack “Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia” (2012). — Concert film “Man Of Aran” by Robert Flaherty.

Next Concerts:

Date Places Hour City More info
14/11/19 L'Etage / Le Liberté 20:00 Rennes (35) infos
14/09/20 MICHIGAN IRISH MUSIC FEST 20:00 Muskegon (USA) infos

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