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Inspired both by traditional fiddle players (Brittany, France, Sweden...) and middle-eastern sounds, as well as by classical harmonies and rock riffs, this quartet is a real musical melting pot. The quartet from Central Brittany was born from the duo formed by Jonathan Dour and Floriane Le Pottier (2011 Brittany traditional all-instrument duo champion), joined by Mathilde Chevrel on the cello and Antonin Volson on percussion. The group's music defies definition: it is subtle and wild, highbrow and popular. Neither smooth nor mild, it sounds like a tribal modal chamber orchestra! And it sounds great!

(“La Gallésie en Fete” Festival in Monterfil, Brittany)

The quartet soon became popular on the Fest-Noz scene in 2013, and played at festivals all over Brittany

(The Cornouaille Festival in Quimper, the Interceltic Festival in Lorient, Yaouank in Rennes...).

In order to embody this new approach to Breton music, the band recorded its first album in Autumn 2013. “Trid an Douar” (The Earth Trembles...) was self-produced by Alkemia Production and released on 22 March 2014, distributed by Coop-Breizh. The album didn't go unnoticed...

Dour/Le Pottier Quartet (Concert) in Video :

Last Albums

"Treusioù ar pewar awel" 

*au seuil des quatre vents

(Coop-Breizh / 2017)


"Trid an Douar"

(Coop-Breizh / 2014)

to listen :

  1. Guarani - Douar
  2. Hanterdro - Douar

Line Up :

Jonathan Dour – violin 

Floriane Le Pottier - violin

Mathilde Chevrel - cello

Antonin Volson - percussion

The press speaks about it. :

“ Trid an douar is a subtle combination of violin strings and drum skins, and stands out in the Breton musical landscape. A medieval touch lingers over these superbly led dances. (…) It delights us with both classical elegance and traditional trance”. Gwenaël Dayot, Ouest-France



A new and refreshing approach to Fest-Noz music. Classical and traditional harmonies and rock riffs take dancing to another level of trance and escape.

Frédéric Jambon, Télégramme

Scenic references :

Pré-achats Douar (concert en création) : Eté 2017 (en-cours)

Le Dour/Pottier Quartet (formule de bal)  : Festival Interceltique de Lorient (56), Festival de Cornouaille à Quimper (29), Yaouank à Rennes (35), Festival Fisel à Rostrenen (22), la Gallésie en fêtes à Monterfil (35), la Bogue d'Or à Redon (56), Paris-Breizh à Bagneux (75), Bouche à Oreille à Parthenay (79), Les grands bals de l'Europe à St Gervais d'Auvergne (63), Boulegan à St Jean du Gard (30), Le p'tit Balzar au Mans (72), Festival Rio Loco à Toulouse (31)....


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